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Farmerz have achieved a major milestone by localizing the production technology of Encarsia parasitoid bees in Fajr Safa Agro-industry and Tourism Company

This breakthrough was made possible by the collaboration between Iran’s Plant Medicine Research Institute and Farmerz, who have successfully transferred the technical know-how of mass production of insects which parasitizes whiteflies to the Fajr Safa Company.

Parasitoid bees are one of the most important species of biological control agents, and now their mass production technology is available under the brand name of Farmerz Biologic. This means that other greenhouses in the country will be able to benefit from this new technology, and the country’s reliance on chemicals will be reduced.

At Farmerz, we prioritize collaboration with universities and research centers in order to apply scientific and research achievements in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. This approach has enabled us to provide valuable services to the agricultural and animal husbandry community of Iran.

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