Farmerz Meat

Farmerz meat has its unique taste of being healthy.

A fully controlled feeding system, stress-free and hygienic environment, cross-breeding, and special care have developed the production of high-quality meat.

We pledge ourselves to bring you FOOD SAFETY & SECURITY with Farmerz Meat.


Farmerz Tomato

Introducing the most sought-after Farmerz:
We treat our meaty tomatoes with respect, that’s why they are all spoiled!
Using thriving greenhouses, we are able to perfectly deliver reddish Cluster & Cherry Tomatoes to our clients in state-of-the-art packaging. These pampered tomatoes are available from September till June.
Like it or not, our babies here are all spoiled, especially Farmerz Tomatoes. We take such great care of tomatoes that others around feel jealous.

Farmerz pepper

We have brought up our LUSCIOUS PEPPERS in multiple sections of hydroponic greenhouses.
These Peppers, being nurtured in a paradise, have a boundless amount of vitamin C. Our peppers have a thirst for quality, and this season they are going to paint the town Red & Yellow!
Farmerz Bell pepper & Farmerz Chili pepper are all produced in fully controlled conditions so these beauties are worth being FARMERZ!

Farmerz pepper

Farmerz Orchard Products

Adaptable & Productive varieties of FIGS, POMEGRANATES, and PISTACHIOS grow in our orchards. Our experts are doing their best to ensure Farmerz fruits’ Health & Quality.
Tasting our Shiny Red Pomegranates, Natural Sun-dried Figs, and nutrient-rich Pistachios can make a
thrilling experience of your life

Farmerz Pomegranate
Farmerz Fig
Farmerz Pistachio
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Farmerz Pomegranate

POMEGRANATE (Anār in Persian) is not just a fruit for Iranians. This fruit is a seal of approval to our glamorous and living history. An autumn fruit that can get us back to our memorable nights and unforgettable gatherings.

A red fruit that features a white inner flesh densely packed with crunchy, juicy edible seeds.
Pomegranates are the king of our fruits, and we have been bound together throughout history.
That’s why this heavenly fruit is always welcomed & respected.

Farmerz Pistachio

Pistachios are the king of nuts. You can’t imagine how nutritious they are. These yellowish-green nuts are loaded with nutrients and they’re a great source of many elements. Pistachios are among the best options for snacking as they can be enjoyed in various ways.
We ensure our products are perfectly delivered to our clients worldwide and we do our best to supply the best quality Fruits & Nuts. Farmerz is delighted to deliver roasted and/or unroasted pistachios in bulk or with private labels.

“Live With Quality” is not just our slogan,

it’s our profession.

Farmerz Medicinal Plants

There is mounting concern over mankind’s health and the use of chemical drugs. Medicinal plants are here to fight for us in this war. Here in our unique collection, we are honored to announce that more than 250 species of medicinal plants are grown and what’s more, all of them are cultivated Organically.
Lavender, Satureja Khuzistanica, Peppermint, and Thyme are the jewels of our crown and their packaging is exquisite!

Satureja Khuzistania
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اسطوخودوس Lavender


Widely famous for its sweet floral scent, Lavender is a jack-of-all-trades. It’s considered practical in health & wellness, food, and cosmetics industries.
مرزه خوزستان Satureja Khuzistanica

Satureja Khuzistanica

An extremely beneficial herb used in pharmaceuticals, & cooking and known for its disinfection characteristics.
آویشن باغی Garden thyme

Garden thyme

A hero among natural remedies. As an antiviral herb, it is especially helpful with common cold symptoms, coughs, and bronchial infections.
آویشن شیرازی Thyme


A spice that gives your food a delicious meaning. Also used in cosmetics & Healthcare industry.
نعنا فلفلی Peppermint


A condiment used in food & healthcare industry which is greatly practical in pharmaceuticals.

Farmerz Natural Honey

Honey is one of our most nutritious products; so nutritious, in fact, that you would feel astonished tasting it for the first time.
Our Unique nature with its exclusive range of plants & trees has made FARMERZ HONEY spectacular.
Using the latest technology in producing Honey and Bee breeding in an untouched environment brings us an aromatic golden liquid which is also Anti-bacterial & Anti-allergic.
That’s why it is said that “A bad day with honey is better than a good day eating anything else.”

عسل فارمرز Farmerz's Hony
عوامل کنترل بیولوژیک آفات Biological Pest Control Agents

We fight biologically!

Biological Pest Control Agents

The use of chemical pesticides has long been an important dilemma. Today Biological Pest Control is of considerable interest in reducing pest damage and their resistance to chemical pesticides, producing healthy and organic products, and protecting the environment.
Two types of these biological agents named Macrolophus and Orius are produced to be used in our greenhouses. Furthermore, their food is being produced in our tissue culture lab, so we are happy to supply you with these cute pests alongside their food so that you can taste a sustainable farming, a dream for every farmer living on earth.

Farmerz Harvest season