Farmerz Meat

Farmerz meat has its unique taste of being healthy.

A fully controlled feeding system, stress-free and hygienic environment, cross-breeding, and special care have developed the production of high-quality meat.


We pledge ourselves to bring you FOOD SAFETY & SECURITY with Farmerz Meat.

Farmerz Tomato

Hydroponic Greenhouses provide a fully hygienic environment free of contamination and minimize the application of chemical pesticides while ensuring sustainable production of Farmerz Tomatoes and shipping them out to Domestic & International markets.

Using these thriving greenhouses, we are able to perfectly deliver reddish Cluster & Cherry Tomatoes to our clients.


We have brought up our LUSCIOUS PEPPERS in multiple sections of hydroponic greenhouses.

Farmerz Bell pepper & Farmerz Capia pepper are all produced in fully controlled conditions so these beauties are worth being FARMERZ!

Farmerz Orchard Products

Adaptable & Productive varieties of POMEGRANATES, FIGS, and GRAPES grow in our orchards. Our experts are doing their best to ensure Farmerz fruits’ Health & Quality.

Tasting our Shiny Red Pomegranates, Natural Sun-dried Figs, and Adorable Seedless Grapes can make a thrilling experience of your life.

Farmerz Pomegranate
Farmerz Grape
Farmerz Fig

Farmerz Medicinal Plants

We have more than 250 species of medicinal plants in our collection.
In addition to producing ORGANIC medicinal plants by studying all these species, we are providing a full collection of valuable herbs for local researchers and producers.
We are ready to offer products including Lavender, Satureja Khuzistanica, Peppermint, and Thyme in colorful packages upon our client’s request.

Farmerz Natural Honey

Honey is one of our most nutritious products; so nutritious, in fact, that you would feel astonished tasting it for the first time.

The suitable conditions of this location and various types of plants & trees have made FARMERZ HONEY Unique.

Using the latest technology in producing Honey & Bee breeding in a natural, untouched environment brings us aromatic, tasty Honey while being Anti-bacterial & Anti-allergic all at once.


Biological Pest Control Agents

Today Biological Pest Control is of considerable interest in reducing pest damage and their resistance to chemical pesticides, producing healthy and organic products, and protecting the environment.

It is an honor to produce two types of these biological agents named Marolophus and Orius to be used in our greenhouses and sell them out in all markets worldwide.