اصلاح و ترکیب نژاد گوسفند تکسل

Modification and Crossbreeding of Texel Sheep

One of Fajr Safa’s agro-industry and innovative tourism projects, which will promise bright horizons in Iranian animal husbandry, is the Modification and Crossbreeding of the Texel sheep.
Texel is one of the most famous sheep breeds in the world, which is known for its characteristics such as quality carcass, lean meat, and adaptation to various environmental conditions.
Another feature of the Texel Sheep is the natural delivery of healthy lambs and easy breeding with no demand for heavy feeding.
Today, by crossbreeding Texel Sheep breed with other modified sheep breeds, we have introduced a new generation of sheep that can transform the livestock industry in Iran.
The goal of Fajr Safa is to promote agriculture and animal husbandry in Iran.

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