Reaching the ultimate horizons of agriculture and animal husbandry and using the world’s up-to-date knowledge is the main approach for our all activities.
Using the best experts in the world, Our R&D department has developed plans and policies and accomplished outstanding achievements based on full-scale research.
Clients are always our first concern, so here in R&D department we’re doing our best to make sure that they experience the best quality traits of our products & services.

تحقیق و توسعه​ R&D
R&D Department Milestones

R&D Department Milestones

R&D is a principal in all production processes of Farmerz products. All our staff and experts
feel obliged to improve quality by discovering new methods of enhancing Quality, Productivity, and Hygiene.

Our breakthroughs are as follows:
• Natural Predators (Macrolophus pygmaeus, Orius laevigatus, Encarsia formosa)
• Bumblebee Production
• Tissue Culture Labs
• Sheep Cross-Breeding
• Honeybee Breeding
• Effective Marketing strategies

Farmerz Biological Control of Pests
Biological Pest Control
اصلاح نژاد دام سبک
Animal gene interbreeding
کشت بافت در فارمرز
Tissue culture