Animal Husbandry

Today, providing fine food is definitely a worldwide concern. Our animal husbandry is set up to bring you food safety and security in a hygienic environment, using scientific methods and consulting with the bests. Animal Husbandry, in an area of about 41 hectares, breaks down into 2 parts:

Sheep breeding; Aiming to provide 30,000 Cross-bred sheep per year, fattened up running an up-to-date feeding system, in a stress-free environment.

Beekeeping; Supplying 10 Tons of Farmerz Organic flavored Honey & 100 KG of Farmerz immune-boosting Royal Jelly.

Animal Husbandry

Cross Breeding

Having an eye for never-ending improvements in animal husbandry has led us to a unique crossbred sheep.

  • Here is a list of our Crossbred sheep characteristics:
  • – Multiple births
  • – Higher weight of adult sheep
  • – Lower carcass fat
  • – Reduced age of puberty & pregnancy
  • In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics:
  • – Intramuscular Fat (Higher level of Marbling)
  • – Soft Wool
  • – More Milk
نژاد ترکیبی Cross Breeding

Beekeeping & Honey Production

Yaffte mountain, located in Lorestan province, has made this lush green mountainous site one of the most favorable places for producing Honey and its by-products.
Our beekeeping department, having a rich farm of medicinal plants around its corner, produces nutrient-dense Honey. A Superfood that will bowl you over!!!
Farmerz honey, royal jelly, poison, wax, and bee pollen are parts of our beekeeping, all approved by various domestic and foreign laboratories.

عسل فارمرز Farmerz's Hony