Animal Husbandry

Sheep breeding and cross-breeding is the second main project at Safa Farm. 

Producing productive breeds with unique specifications is achieved by cross-breeding the best breed of sheep with local ones.

Now using scientific methods and consulting with the best experts in this field has enabled us to provide a much more delicious meat along with high-quality wool compared to the local breed.


The cross-breeding sheep produced at Safa Farm have tastier meat, softer wool, and more milk.

Some other characteristics of cross-breed sheep are listed below: 

Multiple births, higher weight of adult sheep, low carcass fat, reduced age of puberty and pregnancy, and many other great characteristics.

Beekeeping & Honey Production

Yaffte mountain, located in Lorestan, has made this location one of the most favorable places for producing honey.

Safa Farm beekeeping department, located next to one of the richest farms of medicinal plants, produces honey that is the best of its kind in Iran.

In addition to Farmerz honey, approved by various domestic and foreign laboratories, we also produce other products such as royal jelly, poison, wax, etc.