Animal Husbandry

Today, providing fine food is definitely a worldwide concern. Our animal husbandry is set up to bring you food safety and security in a hygienic environment, using scientific methods and consulting with the bests. Animal Husbandry, in an area of about 41 hectares, breaks down into 2 parts:

Sheep breeding; Aiming to provide 30,000 Cross-bred sheep per year, fattened up running an up-to-date feeding system, in a stress-free environment.

Beekeeping; Supplying 10 Tons of Farmerz Organic flavored Honey & 100 KG of Farmerz immune-boosting Royal Jelly.


Having an eye for never-ending improvements in animal husbandry has led us to a unique crossbred sheep.

  • Here is a list of our Crossbred sheep characteristics:
  • – Multiple births
  • – Higher weight of adult sheep
  • – Lower carcass fat
  • – Reduced age of puberty & pregnancy
  • In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics:
  • – Intramuscular Fat (Good Marbling)
  • – Soft Wool
  • – More Milk

Beekeeping & Honey Production

Yaffte mountain, located in Lorestan province, has made this lush green mountainous site one of the most favorable places for producing Honey and its by-products.
Our beekeeping department, having a rich farm of medicinal plants around its corner, produces nutrient-dense Honey. A Superfood that will bowl you over!!!
Farmerz honey, royal jelly, poison, wax, and bee pollen are parts of our beekeeping, all approved by various domestic and foreign laboratories.