Enthusiasm for development and a lifelong commitment to food safety is an ideal that we all cherish in our family-run business. Struggling with this thought, we have developed sustainability, integrity, and operational excellence into our modern hydroponic greenhouses, diversified orchards, and organic medicinal plants farm.

Hydroponic Greenhouses

Our Greenhouses use a unique structure called “Dutch Venlo” which is one of the best of its
kind. Applying this system, we are able to produce various types of fresh fruits & vegetables,
within a soil-less culture, under an isolated area with a leading-edge climate control system,
all over the year.
Sustainable production is a result of two key factors; Optimum use of natural resources and
Competitive finished cost.
Today, consuming safe & chemical-free products is of high importance. Implementation of
integrated pest and disease management (IPM) and natural predators has resulted in
minimizing the application of chemicals and Farmerz will delightfully introduce you
Untamable Tomatoes & Peppers with a sensational taste. A Taste you’ll never forget!


By continuing to grow in response to our clients’ needs, quality and adaptable species of Grapes, Pomegranates, Figs, and Pistachios are grown to offer Farmerz fruits and nuts to international markets.
Specialized in cultivating trees compatible with climatic conditions, and special care for our Orchards navigates Farmerz quality to perfection.

اسطوخودوس فارمرز

Medicinal plants

The organic medicinal plants’ collection of Safa Farm is one the most beautiful parts of this farm: including Lavender, Peppermint, Khuzestan Savory Plant, and Thyme.

Safa Farm has tried to grow medicinal plants based on the climate condition of Lorestan Province in the west of Iran.

Today, due to the side effects of the consumption of chemical drugs, the demand for medicinal plants is increasing.

Khuzestani savory
Garden Thyme
Shirazi Thyme