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Farmerz's Agritourism


In our AgriTourism section, you have another chance to make it up to nature and explore the unexplored. Just take it and we make sure a few days of living on the magnificent terrains of our stunning farm will turn into a pleasure that lasts forever. To do so we have provided all the facilities to make it memorable for you.

گردشگری در فارمرز Farmerz's Agritourism

Explore your Dreams, Adventure awaits!!!

We are here to provide you a life-long experience of wandering around a farm full of thrilling experiences;

• A tour of our modern Hydroponic Greenhouses
• Surfing through Fruit Orchards
• Site seeing our vast Farm through several Viewpoints
• Taking a walk to our splendid Medicinal Plants Farm
• Roaming a truly Organic Farm

If you want to fill your soul, reach us at or simply get on the line: +98 66 3140 0000.