Joy of life
On a farm


In our Agro-Tourism section, you have another chance to make it up to nature and explore the unexplored. Just take it and we make sure a few days of living on the magnificent terrains of our stunning farm will turn into a pleasure that lasts forever. To do so we have provided all the facilities to make it memorable for you.

Explore your Dreams, Adventure awaits!!!

We are here to provide you a life-long experience of wandering around a farm full of thrilling experiences;

• A tour of our modern hydroponic greenhouses
• Surfing through Fruit Orchards
• Site seeing our vast farm through several viewpoints
• Taking a walk to our splendid Medicinal Plants Farm
• Roaming a truly organic farm

If you want to fill your soul, reach us at or simply get on the line: +98 66 3140 0000.