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Research and Development Unit

Safa Farm’s main approach in all areas in which it operates is to use the latest world knowledge and strive to reach new horizons in agricultural and livestock sciences. Accordingly, research and development is a very important part of Safa Farm’s planning and policies. This department has been able to achieve significant success by relying on extensive research and the use of top global consultants, including the following.

Successful Safa Farm projects

Biological pest control

Due to the harmful effects of chemical pesticides and the need for environmentally friendly alternatives, the multiplication of natural enemies of pests and their release into greenhouses and fields, which is called biological control, is on the orders of producers of biological agents and insectariums. Today, the use of biological agents with the aim of reducing the damage caused by pests, producing healthy and organic products, reducing the resistance of pests to chemical toxins and also protecting the environment, has received much attention.

Marketing and sales

Nowadays, in order to make appropriate decisions and move towards organizational goals, relevant information is needed, timely and reliable. Among the types of information, financial information is of particular importance. Therefore, the importance of having an efficient and effective accounting information system is not hidden from anyone. Field research shows that companies are looking for ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their accounting information system.

On the other hand, the competitive conditions prevailing in commercial markets and the advancement of technology, which has enabled easy access to various markets, have increased the importance of information and information systems. In a competitive environment, the use of information, especially financial information, is very important; In a way, having accurate and timely information creates a competitive advantage for any company. Due to the special characteristics of agricultural and animal husbandry activities and the existence of productive and non-productive biological assets and metamorphosis created in these assets, Accounting Standard No. 26 entitled “Agricultural Activities” has been developed for this type of activities that recognize and record Financial events in this area of ​​activity are particularly emphasized.

The financial management of Fajr Safa Lorestan Agro-industry and Tourism Company, in cooperation with financial and accounting personnel, seeks to provide accurate and fair information for decision-making by scientific and practical implementation of Accounting Standard 26, as well as by providing sector reports and analysis. And financial analysis and presentation of financial statements to meet the information needs of all stakeholders and by using reliable information to control costs, reform processes to grow profitability and improve the capital structure of the company.

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Training and consulting

One of the areas of activity of Fajr Safa Lorestan Company is providing educational and consulting services to farmers, ranchers and other activists in this field. Safa experts and specialists, by localizing the latest knowledge in the world and using the latest scientific findings, are ready to provide any consulting services throughout the country.

Fajr Safa Farm, in collaboration with the world’s top consultants (from the Netherlands) in the field of livestock products, has localized and internalized the world’s current knowledge in the field of light and heavy livestock (dairy cattle) and is ready to provide other ranchers during counseling and training courses. And empower activists in this field.

We are ready to produce the highest quality livestock and agricultural products using the most modern methods and the most up-to-date facilities, findings and scientific and experimental achievements in various fields, including farm design and various livestock projects, scientific breeding methods, animal health, food. Provide nutrition, artificial insemination, animal husbandry, treatment of diseases, slaughter and packaging and other fields related to agriculture such as hydroponic greenhouses, horticulture, production of biological control agents, pest control, manpower management, etc. to activists and enthusiasts.